Clubs are owned by the community and for the community

Wollongong/Shellharbour Club Grants

They are social hubs, providing their communities with a meeting place in which to receive great services. An extension of this community benefit is the ClubGRANTS scheme, which allows clubs to provide a helping hand to community organisations, and in turn, local families.

This year, the registered clubs of the Illawarra have dug deep to help out their local community, handing over $2.3 million worth of funding to support numerous worthy projects in the Shellharbour and Wollongong communities.

Albion Park RSL Memorial Club is proud to be a part of the ClubGRANTS scheme. Albion Park RSL Memorial Club are also proud sponsors of:

  • Albion Park RSL Sub Branch
  • Albion Park RSL Fishing Club
  • Albion Park Oak Flats Rugby League Football Club
  • Albion Park City Football Club
  • Albion Park Junior and Senior Cricket Club
  • Albion Park White Eagles Soccer Club
  • Albion Park RSL Social Golf Club